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Packing Tips

  • Be sure to label boxes while packing, and place them in the unit with the label visible.
  • Use large boxes for lighter items such as pillows, blankets, etc., and use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, DVDs and electronics.
  • Pack small items carefully and avoid using trash bags as items tend to break and mildew due to lack of ventilation.
  • Don't overload boxes; you shouldn't have to strain when moving them.
  • If packing items of different weights in the same box, be sure to put heavier items on bottom and label "this end up."
  • Be sure to wrap breakables carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing or draperies so the fabric breathes and doesn't wrinkle.
  • Furniture drawers can be used to store small, well-wrapped breakable items.
  • Fill boxes completely, and stuff extra space with newspaper to help prevent collapsing when stacked.

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